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The best weightlifting gloves you can buy in 2020


IF YOU’RE hitting the weights room at your local gym, you might have noticed that quite a lot of the regulars sporting a set of gloves. These aren’t restricted to serious bodybuilders though – in fact, weightlifting gloves can help transform even an infrequent gym-goers workout session.

While your hands are more than capable of holding barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells, weightlifting gloves will make the experience a lot more comfortable.

Weightlifting gloves
Gloves can boost grip and comfort

Most feature padding on the palms to reduce friction between your hands and the bars, stopping the build-up of calluses on your palms and fingers.

Other things to look out for include wrist support (great for heavy metal exercises such as deadlifts and rows), additional grip and durable construction (leather, double stitching) that aren’t going to fall apart after one session.

Weightlifting gloves tend to come in one of two styles – fingered or fingerless – and which you opt for is down to personal preference. A lot claim to be breathable but if you tend to get a sweat on during a workout, the more minimal the design, the better.

Not sure where to start in your search for the best weightlifting gloves? Whether you’re the next Arnold Schwarzenegger or are looking to lifting for the first time, the below are the best you can buy in 2020.

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1. Adidas Essential gloves

Adidas essential gloves
These are great multi-purpose gloves that are ideal for all-round gym use

  1. (AD) Adidas Essential gloves, from £8.95 on Amazon – buy here

The Essential gloves by sportswear giant Adidas are a good introduction to weightlifting gloves.

The lightweight, breathable design keeps your hands nice and cool even when you’re getting a sweat on.

The padded suede palm should keep calluses at bay and is hard-wearing enough to see you through plenty of gym sessions.

The lack of wrist support means that you’re better off looking elsewhere if you’re after some serious weightlifting gloves, but they should complement any gym session where you use machines or light weights.

2. Bear Grip Gloves

Bear Grip gloves
Minimal in design, these offer maximum grip and breathability

  1. (AD) Bear Grip weightlifting gloves, £11.97 from Amazon – buy here

If you are prone to getting sweaty hands then the Bear Grip Gloves are the ones for you.

An open-back design keeps the air circulating and stops any build-up of sweat, while a padded palm is boosted by silicone grip, keeping things comfortable and secure when performing heavy lifts.

Additional support is provided by an adjustable wrist wrap.

Unisex is design, the Bear Grip Gloves are also great for crossfit, gymnastics and rope climbing.

3. Nike Ultimate Gloves

Nike Ultimate training gloves
Nike’s Ultimate gloves are perfect for powerlifting

  • Nike Ultimate Gloves, £19.95 from Nike – buy here

Powerlifting can put a lot of strain on your palms and fingers. To counter this, Nike’s Ultimate Gloves feature high-density foam padding in all the right areas, protecting sensitive areas of your hands from flair ups when lifting heavy weights.

The palms also feature perforations to keep the air flowing, while mesh backs add to the gloves’ breathability.

A hook-and-loop wrist closure stops them slipping but the lack of wrist support might put some off.

4. Harbinger Pro Wrist wrap weightlifting gloves

Harbinger Pro Wrist wrap weightlifting gloves
Are these the ultimate weightlifting gloves?

  • (AD) Harbinger Pro Wrist Wrap gloves, from £29.14 on Amazon – buy here

Harbinger might not be as well known as the likes of Adidas or Nike, but is a favourite within serious weight lifting circles.

These gloves offer unparalleled wrist support, providing you with confidence-inspiring stability that will see your lifting soar.

Vented and padded leather palms tick the comfort and breathability boxes, while double stitching means it’s a durable set that is well worth the investment.

5. BIONIC Gloves Men’s Premium Full Finger Fitness Gloves

Bionic full finger fitness training gloves
Touch screen-friendly pads mean you can choose your tunes as you train without needed to remove the gloves

  • (AD) BIONIC Gloves Men’s Premium Full Finger Fitness Gloves, £24.99 from Amazon – buy here

American glove specialist BIONIC’s focus is on creating ergonomically optimised sets that boost the wearer’s performance – be it in golf, cycling or general fitness.

These full-finger gloves claim to prevent fatigue thanks to a patented pad relief system, helping you increase strength in the process.

Either way, vents on the back of the hand and fingers provide breathability – a crucial quality in full-length finger gloves – and a wrist wrap adds some extra support.

Special material at the fingertips allows you to use a touch screen while wearing too, meaning your workout’s flow isn’t broken whenever you want to skip a track or check your next exercise.

6. RDX women’s weight lifting gloves

 RDX Women Weight Lifting Gloves
There’s more than meets the eye to these gloves from RDX

  • (AD) RDX women’s weight lifting gloves, £13.99 from Amazon – buy here

If you’re a lady who lifts, you might want a set of gloves that matches your personality – rather than the somewhat uninspiring monochrome designs above.

This floral patterned glove from RDX is much more than a pretty picture though. It’s made for lifting heavy weights, thanks to 3mm of cushioning on the palms and leather webbing to keep things comfortable when gripping a loaded bar.

A lycra upper leaves the gloves breathable and lightweight, and they can even come in handy when on the rowing machine or spin bike.

7. Grebarley Gym Gloves

Grebarley Gym Gloves
Amazon’s most popular gloves are well worth your attention

  • (AD) Grebarley Gym Gloves, from £9.99 on Amazon – buy here

If you’re the best seller on Amazon, you must be doing something right. Throw in more than 3,000 positive reviews, and a low cost and these gym gloves from Grebarley are definitely worth considering.

A non-slip and abrasion-resistant palm is boosted with three different sections of padding, keeping things gripped and comfortable, whatever you’re lifting.

An adjustable wrist support is included to provide even more stability, while finish touches include extended tabs on the middle and ring finger to make removing that bit easier.

Which gloves are best for weight lifting?

The best gloves for weight lifting are the Harbinger Pro Wrist wrap weightlifting gloves. Not only do they feature durable and vented padded leather palms, but the gloves’ wrist support is almost unparalleled.

Is it better to wear gloves when lifting weights?

Gloves aren’t essential for lifting weights but wearing them will have a number of benefits. A glove’s padded palm will make lifting much more comfortable, reducing blisters and calluses and allows you to train for longer without injuring yourself. Some will also feature wrist wraps, which can help prevent strains.

What are the best CrossFit gloves?

The best CrossFit gloves are the Bionic Gloves Premium Full Finger Fitness Gloves. Not only are they great for lifting weights, but are breathable enough to be able to handle whatever you throw at them.

Do weight lifting gloves prevent calluses?

Weight lifting gloves can prevent calluses by forming a barrier between the skin on your palm and the surface of a bar – be it on a barbell or dumbbell, or on the grip of a machine.

Enjoyed our roundup of the best weightlifting gloves? We’ve got tons of great gym content in our Sun Selects Health and Fitness section.

Whether you’re looking for new gym trainers, leggings or even a balance board, we’ve got you covered.



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