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Dad of world’s strongest brothers who started weightlifting aged 2 & 3 reveals ‘secret diet’ as kids now UNRECOGNISABLE


TWO TEENS once dubbed the “world’s strongest brothers” are now unrecognisable as they continue to train as their dad keeps them on a “secret diet”.

Giuliano Stroe, 17, and Claudio, 15, were aged just three and two when their proud dad started them testing workout regimes.

Brothers Giuliano and Claudio Stroe flex their muscles for the camera
Giuliano Stroe started training at just three years old[/caption]
Barcroft Media
Claudio at the age of four showing his muscles[/caption]
Barcroft Media
Giuliano, then just six, demonstrating the ‘flag’ pose that few adults could hold for more than a second or two[/caption]

Aged just five, Giuliano, from Romania, became a global sensation in 2009 as he entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest ever 33 feet hand-walk with a weight ball between his legs.

Just a year later, the young star broke the world record for the number of 90-degree push-ups – where the exercise is performed without your feet touching the ground.

Following in his older brother’s footsteps, Claudio could perform handstand push-ups on a bar as a toddler and lift 4kg dumbbells.

Dad-of-four Iulian was the driving force behind their success, starting Giuliano’s gymnastic training when he was three, and Claudio’s at just two.

But despite their muscle-flexing photos that made them a hit around the globe, Iulian says the youngsters didn’t do much weight lifting.

“I know that the children’s physique stole the eyes of many,” he told The Sun Online.


“But the children did not particularly practice lifting weights.

“Yes, I also used weights – but only to compensate with the gymnastic exercises that made them known all over the world.

“The boys also had a special diet that I made myself.”

When asked about the boys’ training and diet, Iulian replied that it will “remain a secret”.

But fast forward more than a decade – and the boys look a lot different from the muscley tots they once were and now compete in boxing championships.

“Now we do boxing and the training is different from when they were little,” Iulian said.

“Boxing training is endurance training – speed, technique. Boxing does not involve too much strength, but it is still necessary.”

The determined brothers have now set up their own boxing club to allow them to compete in the European Boxing Championships – despite an offer to go to join a bigger club in Romania.

“We want to be champions with our club that bears our names,” Giuliano and Claudio told The Sun Online.

They have already been celebrating their wins, with Claudio the three times vice-champion of Romania with three silver medals, while Giuliano has three bronze medals at the national championships.

“We build the talent and we fight with the best athletes from the national team of Romania,” Iulian added

“We are like an eagle among the pigeons, we inspire fear in the best.”

The family also hopes to create a gym at their home in ???? where other youngsters can train.

But despite their worldwide fame as tots, Iulian says the family are struggling with financial difficulties as they battle to pay the boys’ boxing fees and raise funds to transform a building in their garden into a sports hub.

“It is very difficult to pay even club fees and fees for boys’ cards,” Iulian said.

“We can’t afford to go to other competitions, we don’t have money for hotels or transport.

“However, I manage with great difficulty to raise some money from begging on Facebook from the boys’ fans.”

Both Giuliano and Claudio are hoping to compete in the European Boxing Championships and the World Amateur Boxing Championships as Iulian desperately tries to find funding.

“These competitions are very close to each other and I don’t know how I will raise money for both boys,” he said.


“We have to stay at a hotel for about a week and pay all our transportation and food expenses out of our own pockets.

“Neither my wife nor I have any vices, we don’t drink alcohol and we don’t smoke, we don’t have any extra expenses other than what is strictly necessary.”

Iulian Stroe
Giuliano and Claudio were on a ‘secret’ diet their dad created[/caption]
Iulian Stroe.
The lads now trains as boxers[/caption]


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