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NEW: Newcastle Swim Team Shrimp Meet (3rd October 2021)

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NEW: Newcastle Swim Team Shrimp Meet (3rd October 2021)

Where’s it at?

The venue for this event is Sunderland Aquatic Centre, SR5 1SU

When’s it on?

Sunday  3rd October 2021

Who’s it for? This event is for Academy 2 and Competitive Development swimmers who have not swum faster than the Qualifying Times (QT’s) Qualifying Times
Age as at?

3rd October 2021

What’s the cost?

£6.50 per event

When’s the closing date?

Closing date for entries is 9:00pm, Tuesday 21st September 2021

How do I complete a gala entry?

Follow the step-by-step instructions in the Gala Entry Guide.

Gala Entry Guide
How do I convert Personal Best (PB) times?

Use this Guide to see how to use the Swim Time Converter

PB Converter Guide
How do I pay for my swims?

To select and pay for swims use GAWBook – our payment / booking system.

Entries for Checking

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Accepted / Refunded Entries

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Gala Report

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Gala Info

A list of Events, Conditions and QT’s can be found in the Information Pack as published by Swim England North East.

Information Pack
Please Note

“In order to reduce numbers in the pool hall to within limits of 344 for each session for Swimmers, Spectators and staff, sessions have been split as follows:-

  • Morning session – All Boys and Girls aged 8 and 9 and Girls aged 10.
  • Afternoon session – All Boys aged 10 and all Boys and Girls aged 11 and 12.
  • Events will be all strokes 50m plus 100 Freestyle (8,9y) 100IM (8,9y), 200IM (10,11, 12), 200 Freestyle (10,11, 12).
  • All events will be HDW (Heat Declared Winner)

and also

  • “Everyone Active would like to encourage all visitors to wear face coverings in our facility when not taking part in an activity and to check into our centre via the Government QR Code posters situated at our front entrance and throughout the building”

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