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Timberborn - The Gatesville Messenger

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Jennifer Harrison My opinions on computer gaming and some of my favorite games. Playing games on the home computer since the days of the trash 80. I love indie, open-world, unique, puzzle and resource games. The cake is a lie.This game keeps you busy ... as a beaverIf you're a fan of resource games and city-builder games, you'll love Timberborn. Sentient beavers are trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. It's a mostly peaceful existence, but there are droughts that can last several days, so it's important for the beavers to have plenty of water to drink and food to eat while the drought continues.Of course, they're building dams, that's what beavers do, but they're also chopping down trees, harvesting food, and farming. They're building water pumps, farms, lodges, and more. Wood makes their world go round, so they need plenty of it.The first goal is to provide the beavers with water and then start harvesting available foods. They'll need lumberjack stands to chop down wood and...


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