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If the Royals leave Kauffman Stadium, Then the Roos should take over

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Recently, there have been rumblings of Royals owner John Sherman planning to have the Kansas City Royals on a path to leave Kauffman Stadium and move into a new downtown stadium (potentially before the Royals lease at the K ends in 2030).

I personally don't mind the idea of a downtown Royals stadium, as long as the city isn't paying for it, and the fountains and CrownVision return from Kauffman Stadium. Downtown stadiums seem to be the new hot trend around the league, especially as they have been used to improve the area around them.

But the Royals leaving the K, leaves a lot of wide open questions about the future of Kauffman Stadium. What happens to the old ballpark, after the Royals jump ship? Well folks, this is where I come in with my suggestion. A suggestion that would leave Kansas City with the best of both worlds; a brand new downtown Royals stadium and preservation of the historic K.

If the Royals do intend on leaving Kauffman Stadium in the near future, then this should be an opportunity for the nearby University of Missouri-Kansas City's athletics department to use as their "new" home field for Roos baseball and softball.

Side note: The Kansas City Roos currently do not sponsor a baseball program (just softball),but launching a baseball program and having home games at the K would be a huge kickstart. Also the softball program currently plays home games at the Royals Urban Youth Academy.

Kauffman Stadium would likely have to go through a couple of changes; mostly just swapping the existing Royals branding with Roos branding, and potentially downsizing the seating capacity, Since we're talking about college baseball here.

This could also help out with recruiting, as I imagine it would be a pretty easy sell for KC-area high school baseball kids to commit to UMKC and get to play home games at the iconic Kauffman Stadium.

This has happened in the sports world before when the Atlanta Braves moved out of Turner Field and into Truist Park, Georgia State University decided to move into the former home of the Braves and convert it into Center Parc Stadium; the current of Georgia State football.

Anyways, this is just my suggestion, I wanna see what Royals Review thinks of this proposal for the future of Kauffman Stadium.



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