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My girl, 8, is one of the world’s youngest weightlifters – docs say she could have issues but she’s going to be a champ

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A MUM who has been helping her eight-year-old become a weightlifter has revealed how the tot she can now powerlift 50kg – double her own weight.

Lily Hagans, 33, noticed that her daughter, Issy, then six, loved visiting the gym with her and decided that she was going to turn her workouts into some valuable mother-daughter time.

Lily Hagans and her daughter Issy both have a passion for fitness[/caption]
She introduced Issy to weightlifting when she was six years old and she has been building up her strength ever since[/caption]
She can now deadlift 50kg, more than a lot of adults and double her own weight

Since then, Issy, now eight, became obsessed with all things gym and has been training hard to become a competitive powerlifter, just like her mum – and, while doctors warn weightlifting should be done with extreme caution for children, she can now lift 50kg.

Lily, from Surrey, UK, said: “I am a personal trainer competing in powerlifting, and Issy has always come along and watched all my competitions. 

“She sits there cheering on all the lifters and even comes onto the platform when I have won medals.

“Issy hopes to compete in powerlifting once she turns 13. So for now she is trying to be as strong as she can be.

“Issy is a true inspiration for all young lifters and I am so proud to have her follow in my footsteps.

“In the gym, she gets treated like an adult and she can train and lift more than some of the adults in there too.”

Issy started accompanying her mother to the gym during her mum’s personal training classes and immediately wanted to get involved.

Starting off with just a 15kg bar which was held up on two yoga blocks, and under the ever-watchful eye of Lily, Issy started to learn everything about weightlifting.


Lily says that she ensures that she watches her daughter’s every move and makes sure that she is using the correct and safe techniques.

After Issy started to nail the techniques, she then started to start lifting heavier weights and began visiting the gym more regularly. 

Now, Issy has hit her personal best weight lift of 50kg, which mum is incredibly proud of, and is hopeful that she will be able to start competing when she turns 13.

Issy hopes to enter competitions alongside mum, and after lifting twice her bodyweight, Lily says that she is proud of her progress.


Lily said: “Two years ago, I started teaching Issy how to deadlift with a 15kg (33 lbs) bar propped up onto yoga blocks. 

“Issy regularly comes to the gym with me to practise and to train. She also enjoys bench press, squats and some boxing.

Issy has been a regular at the gym from a young age[/caption]
Lily is always on hand to help her daughter and make sure she is safe

“As Issy has gotten stronger, we have gradually increased the weights she is lifting. As a personal trainer, I ensure she has the correct form and trains properly to avoid any injuries. 

“She reached 40kg (88 lbs) then 45kg (99 lbs) then 47.6kg (105 lbs) and hit 50kg (110 lbs) – a massive milestone for her.

“Issy weighs only 24kg (52 lbs), so this is over double her body weight. 

“You can see from the videos that she enjoys training so much and I have no doubt in my mind she will go far with her lifting.”

Alongside weightlifting, Lily has also got her daughter into running and boxing, which they both do together.

“Now I teach Issy to box too. She’s really good,” Issy adds.

Who is the World's strongest girl?

The nine-year-old from Haryana, northern India, showed off her unbelievable skills as she performed a remarkable 75kg deadlift.

Arshia’s young age doesn’t stop her from showing extraordinary strength as she often lifts weights far beyond her own bodyweight – believed to be around 25kg.

The mini weightlifter also follows an insanely strict diet to stay in shape.

Her dad and fitness trainer, Avnish Goswami, revealed that his daughter only eats home-cooked healthy food and has never had a taste of chocolate in her life.

She first gained attention in 2021 when she broke the record for the youngest deadlifter.

At the age of six, she achieved a remarkable feat after lifting 45 kg, securing a spot in the India Book of Records.

“She trains with me in the gym twice a week and she boxes once a week. 

“Boxing has helped her learn a new skill and self-defence. I have taught her that fitness and lifting weights creates strong girls inside and out. 

“With the heavy deadlifts, I have shown her the importance of believing you can do it. If you believe it then anything is possible.” 


We approached Doctor Lawrence Cunningham from the UK Care Guide for a comment, he said: “Weightlifting can be included in a child’s fitness regime, provided it is tailored to their specific developmental needs and closely supervised by knowledgeable adults.

“It’s important to understand that children are not small adults; their bodies are still developing, and their musculoskeletal system is more susceptible to stress when compared to an adult.

“In the case of the eight-year-old girl weightlifting under her personal trainer mum’s guidance, the key factor is the supervision and adaptation of the weightlifting routine to suit her young age.

“In my experience, I have dealt with cases where premature exposure to intense physical activities has led to both short-term injuries and potential long-term health issues. Therefore, I always recommend a cautious approach.

“Regular assessments by a paediatric specialist, in addition to the training provided by her mother, would be advisable to monitor her physical health and ensure that the training does not adversely affect her growth plates.”

Lilly says she is incredibly proud of her daughter[/caption]
Issy now trains in the gym with her mum twice a week


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