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The Everton Forum • 2023/24 Prediction League - Final Standings

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And the winner is...



Final Matchday Top 20


@tractor and @weimaranerblues both going out in style with the top scores for the final week.

@Trowel went with a 2-2 draw to have a chance at the title but ultimately had to settle for third in the table. @Lincs Toffee went for a 1-3 defeat and Odegaard as the scorer... Had he predicted any of the scorers correctly then he'd have won the title but is instead our runner-up for the season...

...Which means that with a crucial correct result in predicting 2-0 defeat and Trossard first scorer, @American Evertonian lifts the trophy a full decade on since he last tasted prediction league silverware! Well done mate!

I'm sure @Lincs Toffee will sort out the money but last season it was split 4 ways, so as far as I make it then the top 3 and @eyesalwaysblue are the cash winners this season.

Appreciate everyone for taking part this season and always welcome feedback on how to improve the league :thumbs:

Full table:


Statistics: Posted by Shogun — Tue May 21, 2024 4:02 am


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