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East Stand Standing Section - Your thoughts?

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Are you one of the Hibs.Net members that stand in the top rows between Sections 42 to 45 in the East Stand?

You don't have to specify your seat number but it would be good to know what section and row you are in, as the responses may vary depending upon your viewing position relative to the away end, goals etc.

I am auld enough to have stood and sung in the 'Cooshed'. But when the East 'Shed' was constructed, I preferred being in with the radges under the gantry. So in February 2010, when Fife Hyland originally earmarked the top right quarter of the then unfinished East Stand for a Singing Section, our group asked for it to be smaller i.e centred on the top 20 rows in Section 43, roughly where the TV gantry would have hung. We already had about 450 'sign-ups' to our Facebook page and during the Season Ticket buying window a larger number bought their ST's anywhere up top between Sections 42 and 45.

Long story short, there's been around 600-1,000 fans standing in that area for 14 seasons, albeit with some moving out and others moving in during ST purchase windows.

At half time and during the second half of the St Mirren debacle, I was looking for a distraction. So, I wandered around and asked groups of lads and lassies if there were minded to move their season tickets to the North Stand when the club launches the 'safe standing' area there. OK, I didn't get round everyone and I only asked supporters that were clearly over 18. For that latter reason and because I assumed the answer would be a resounding yes, I didn't approach the Block Seven crew. However and to my surprise, not one person in the rest of the area stated categorically that they were planning to relocate.

it's logical to expect that some may still change their minds between now and ST renewal deadline day. Also, once the North starts to bounce on matchdays, some others could be tempted to move at that point.

However it looks like the East Stand will keep most of its Standing Section (less Block Seven) for season 24/25. What do folk in that area think and should we have any concerns that our preference to continue standing may be overlooked by the stadium management in favour of a very understandable focus on the Famous Five and relocation of family ticket area?



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