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Re: On this day in 1983

Went on club coaches. Alf Wood , ex Shrewsbury, was Commercial Manager.

In the ground at 1.30 as all the pubs were full & the old bill wouldn’t allow anymore Blues in.

Shilton got ‘dogs abuse’ from us due to extra marital indiscretions…

Great atmosphere with Zulus in the seats, as usual, and at the end they came across the pitch towards us, with a surprise behind them????

Three official coaches and one broke down returning, meaning 52 extra split between the other two???? H & S??? Freakin’ sweat boxes!

On the MOTD coverage and can still see me & deceased mate on YT????

Arranged to meet girlfriend and mates in Boogies Brasserie - jeans allowed then????????‍♂️ - and they were in hysterics. Cloudy in Brum, Sun at The Dell, 3 1/2 hours of ????= half a sun tan????

A great day????????


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