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Parent reviews for The Evil Within

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Adam M. Adult February 23, 2023 age 18+ This game is absolute nightmare fuel and is only suitable for adults. The Evil Within is an incredibly tense "survival horror" game with an emphasis on gore and gratuitous violence. The game is terrifying - often in a stressful way - and there's no way young kids should play it. There is a story, but it's bewildering and involves sadism and mental cruelty, with references to psychosis, suicide, self-harm, murder, arson and the deaths of children. The monsters and the environments are nightmarish. The very first enemy you encounter is a grunting, bellowing nutcase with a chainsaw called The Sadist. The most infamous boss is a spider-like woman who bursts screaming from the floor and pursues you throughout several levels. The weakest enemies are insane former humans with blades and barbed wire in their flesh.All death sequences, yours and the enemy's, are graphic.The Evil Within is one for mature players with robust mental health who can tolerate e...


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