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Living rock protector - RuneScape Monster

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Monster #1432: Living rock protector Combat Level: 92Members: YesAttacks With: MeleeWeakness: Water spells.Poisonous: No Retreats: No Experience Gained: Total Constitution Combat Slayer Invention Equipment Two-handed Main/Off-hand Armor 365.7 90.7 275.0 156 16 11 11 Location:The Living Rock Caverns. Lifepoints:5500 Max Hit:500Race/Type:ElementalExamine Information:A being of ore and minerals.100% Drop:None.All Possible Loot:Adamant pickaxe Adamantite ore (1 Noted)Blue charm Death rune (3)Gold charm Gold ore (3 Noted)Gold ore (3 Noted)Green charm Mithril ore (3 Noted)Mithril pickaxe Mud rune (3)Nature rune (4)Silver ore (1 Noted)Soft clay (3 Noted)Starved ancient effigy Uncut diamond (1 Noted)Uncut emerald (1 Noted)Uncut ruby (1 Noted)Uncut sapphire (1 Noted) Highlighted Drops Name Amount Gold charm 1 Green charm 1 Blue charm 1 Strategies:These monsters are aggressive and will try to interfere with your Mining and Fishing. Can be mined after you killed them. Requires 73 Mining and they...


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