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Gideon - Free Novelette by NicoleRiddley

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GIDEON ARCHER“Lord Archer! Fancy meeting you here.” Alistair Pembroke. Founder of Pembroke Motor Corporation, the maker of everything from small airplanes, fancy automobiles to boats and yachts. Playboy extraordinaire. He’s as pretentious as they come. Eager and desperate to make a connection with the Palace. If only he knew that the Crown Prince and his pack were here, in California.He reaches for my hand and pounds my back like we’re old friends.“Mr. Pembroke,” I acknowledge him because to do otherwise is rude and I am anything but uncultured. It doesn’t mean that I like the prick.“Ms. Helen Aristophanes.” He turns his attention to my companion. “How do you do?”I have to refrain from making a snide comment because I know they knew each other in a biblical sense...more than once, while she professed to be loyal only to me.“Mr. Pembroke.” Helen bestows him one of her sultry and seductive smiles and offers him her hand. His eyes make a quick scan over her body before he lifts her hand u...


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