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Jayden Daniels ended concerns about his weird elbow photo with an 8-word tweet

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A photo of Jayden Daniels’ elbow floating around the internet has caused panic and concern from football fans, but the former LSU quarterback shared that there is nothing to worry about.

The period between the NFL Combine and the NFL Draft might feel like a million years. Fans have eight weeks to do hundreds of mock drafts and try to guess where guys will land. It’s also a time when players are heavily scrutinized. That’s what happened when news outlets used a head-turning photo of Jayden Daniels (and his elbow) to share updates about his recent pro day.

Fans immediately noticed how his elbow didn’t look how they assumed it would, and the photo sent them into a frenzy with all kinds of wild speculations about what could be “wrong” with it. However, Daniels posted to X (Formerly Twitter) on Friday to clear the air.



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