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Tom Brady Admits He Bears Some Blame for Mike Evans’s Suspension

Tom Brady Admits He Bears Some Blame for Mike Evans’s Suspension

The suspension was a result of a fracas during Sunday’s Bucs-Saints game in New Orleans.

On the same day that the NFL levied a one-game suspension on Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans, quarterback Tom Brady took to the microphone to admit some accountability for the consequences that followed Sunday’s brouhaha between New Orleans and Tampa Bay.

Speaking on the Let’s Go! podcast that he hosts alongside Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray, Brady took some of the blame for Evans getting into a physical altercation with Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore. Evans shoved Lattimore after Lattimore got in the face of Brady and Bucs running back Leonard Fournette during Sunday’s contest.

The conflict with Lattimore began when Brady complained after believing the defensive back had committed pass interference against Bucs wideout Scotty Miller. Lattimore and Brady then exchanged words, which led to Evans intervening.

“Obviously, if I didn’t run down there to argue with the call … if things weren’t said back and forth between both teams, it could’ve been avoided,” Brady said.

Ultimately, Brady said he didn’t believe Evans deserved to be suspended, and that he appreciated his teammate for sticking up for him.

“I think just sometimes the emotions get the best of us, and I love Mike. And the fact that Mike would come out there to defend me means everything in the world to me as a teammate and a friend,” Brady said.

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