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Shaq brought up Paul Pierce's name on Inside the NBA and couldn't stop laughing


Paul Pierce has been in the news over the last few days for all of the wrong reasons.

He was fired from his job at ESPN over the weekend after he was seen on Instagram live drinking and smoking at a party with exotic dancers. A few days later, news broke that ESPN was letting him go.

Pierce took it all in stride, though. He was on social media the entire way through and laughed about the moment on Instagram and Twitter.

He isn’t the only one having a laugh about it, either. On Inside the NBA on Tuesday, Shaq was talking about how gameplans used to go for the Celtics when they had Pierce, Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett.

As soon as Shaq brought up Pierce’s name, he couldn’t stop laughing.

My goodness. Shaq is so out of pocket here. This is hilarious. He wasn’t even talking about Pierce’s situation — it was just the mention of his name that made him laugh. That’s amazing.

It’s all good, though. Pierce seems to be taking it lightly, too. He’ll be fine — he made more than $200 million before endorsements. ESPN was a fun hobby for him.

Guess he’s got his weekends back now, though.



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