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Top Sumo wrestler retires for bullying his trainees by slapping their testicles and shooting a FLAME-THROWER at them

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A TOP sumo wrestler has retired after admitting he bullied junior wrestlers.

Rising star Hokuseiho assaulted younger fighters and stole money from them.

Hokuseiho, right, has retired after admitting to bullying junior fighters[/caption]
His trainer Hakuho Sho has been demoted[/caption]

Hokuseiho is understood to have slapped their faces, backs and testicles.

He is also alleged to have hit junior members of his stable across their buttocks using a broomstick handle, and is said to have used an aerosol as a flame thrower to spray flames at them.

Hokuseiho, 22, has retired following an investigation with the Japan Sumo Association announcing they would have recommended that outcome.

The Japan Times report Hokuseiho saying: “I deeply regret having used violence against my stablemates.”

The Japan Sumo Association have also sanctioned Hokuseiho’s trainer, legendary champion Hakuho Sho, 38.

Hakuho has been demoted to the lowest rank for sumo elders and forced to take a pay cut.

The former sumo also apologised for his failure to stop the bullying, saying: “I feel a heavy responsibility for being unable to protect the (abused) proteges.

“I’m so sorry for causing concern to the sumo association, fans and those who support me.”

Hokuseiho was once a highly-rated prodigy after working his way up the ranks by winning the sixth, fifth and fourth division titles in 2020.

He won his first 21 fights and a year later he was promoted to to sumo’s lowest salaried division, juryo, before being moving up to makuuchi last year – the highest-paid division.

The Mongolian had a fight record of 41 wins and 40 defeats and was part of the heya stable.



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