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Ste meets David Beckham | What are the Best Sports Kits of All Time? Heads Gone Podcast

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Should ten Hag recall Sancho from Dortmund? Best sports kits of all-time? The 99’ Netflix Premiere! Who do Liverpool’s trophies mean more? Ashley Williams and Stephen Howson are back with Heads Gone! This week, the guys discuss should Erik ten Hag recall Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund after an impressive loan spell? Do Liverpool’s trophies mean more? The best sports kits of all-time, is tomato a fruit? What would they put in their rooms as a must have? Ste attended the 99’ premiere and met the likes of Dwight Yorke, David Beckham, Andy Cole, Gary Neville, why Ash doesn’t like hiking and so much more! Keep up to date with our channel by hitting subscribe and clicking and the notification bell!


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0:00; – Outro
0:23; – Where were the guys last week?
4:22; – Ste attending the Man Utd 99’ Netflix Premiere
11:50; – Mentioning conspiracies on live TV
12:37; – Ash’s Charity football match in Swansea
14:51; – Ste’s Charity match at FC Utd of Manchester
19:22; – Who’s playing in Ste’s Charity match?
24:25; – What happens during an alien invasion (Arrival)?
28:57; – What’s good on Netflix currently?
33:20; – Should ten Hag recall Sancho from Dortmund?
35:17; – Crystal Palace 4-0 Man Utd review
37:21; – Man City’s treble documentary
38:28; – What goes into the guys rooms 101
44:08; – Do Liverpool’s trophy wins means more?
47:16; – Ash explains why he doesn’t like hiking
56:06; – Why do we tip people who already get paid?
1:01:35; – Is Marmalade the same as Jam?
1:05:40; – Camouflage in animals
1:08:50; – Ash & Ste read fan questions
1:19:00; – How the school run is an adventure of its own
1:20:51; – Outro



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