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NFL Insider Has Notable Comparison For Draft Prospect Drake Maye

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Drake Maye has been compared to some of the top quarterbacks in the NFL.

Maye, who’s viewed as a consensus top three quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft, earned another notable comparison after the North Carolina Pro Day on Thursday.

“I found a comp that I like on Drake Maye. He is Josh Allen, just a step down in just about every category,” Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer said on NBC Sports Boston.

“And I think that physically maybe puts him closer to the ballpark of where Joe Burrow is. But he has Josh Allen play-making traits, he has pop in his arm. He’s a really, really, really good athlete. There’s a lot to work with there.”

Another reason for the comparison, Breer said, is because of the similarities in Allen’s and Maye’s conclusions to their college careers. Breer mentioned how both Allen and Maye were better in their second-to-last years before they took a step back in their final campaigns. That step back, however, had more to do with their situations around them.

The opinion has been shared by many in recent weeks.

“From talking to coaches who have started to call down there, and have started to look at the film, and then talking to the scouts who look at this stuff year-round, the first thing almost all of them say is how dreadful things were in North Carolina last year,” Breer said.

Allen was drafted seventh overall in the 2018 NFL Draft. There’s a real chance Maye is selected by the Washington Commanders second overall or by the New England Patriots at No. 3.

Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo lauded Maye for his high ceiling, but did share the 21-year-old might also has plenty of room to grow in his development.



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