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Deportivo Wanka to FL Fart, the football clubs with the rudest names – and the innocent stories behind them

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MANY will remember when Deportivo Wanka took Britain by storm.

The shirt has become a cult collectable and gave top flight clubs a run for their money by selling thousands of shirts in the mid-2000s.

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The D. Wanka shirt sold out in 2006[/caption]

But the Peruvian team are not the only club to cause a stir with their unfortunate name.

Awkward translations and unfortunately named villages mean that a lot of innocently named clubs around the world have ended up the butt of the joke.

From an Indonesian side named after cement to a club in Wales that has visitors sniggering like kids, we’ve found some teams that deserve a red card for indecency. 

Check out the best below…

Deportivo Wanka 

Innocently named after the Wanka tribe which once occupied Huancayo, Peru this team were very puzzled when their name made headlines, with one spokesperson saying: “It is very strange. Everyone in Britain seems to think we have a funny name.”

And Subside sports, who sold the kit, admitted: “The club just doesn’t get the joke.”

Deportivo Moron 

Another deportivo, which means football club, with a dodgy translation. 

This Argentine side is named after its local city, Moron, which is just outside Buenos Aires. 

Bonar Bridge FC 

Based in the heart of the Kyle of Sutherland in the Scottish Highlands, Bonar Bridge proclaims itself a ‘proud member of the North Caledonian Football League.’  

Unsurprisingly, it gets its name from the local bridge, a towering steel structure that is built to impress, as well as to serve an important purpose.
A Bonar Bridge FC sign[/caption]
Bonar Bridge FC pitch[/caption]

FL Fart 

In English, the dictionary definition of ‘Fart’ is ‘to emit wind from anus’, but in Norwegian it simply means ‘speed’. 

The team are certainly living up to their name (the Norwegian version), and have made it to the third division in Norway. 


Kanye Swallows 

It might seem like this club’s got it in for a certain American rapper, but in fact it’s named after its home village in South Botswana. 

The team currently plays in the Botswana Premier League. 


The garishly named Welsh club club refers to itself as the ‘Cockermouth Titans’ , and plays in the Smurfit Kappa Cumberland Premier League. 

The local town, Cockermouth, is named as such because it sits alongside the spot where the River Cocker flows into the River Derwent. 

Wacker Innsbruck

Contrary to what its name suggests, this team has nothing at all to do with the Colombian singer and Gerard Pique’s ex Shakira.

The Austrian team is named after local town, Innsbruck, and its epithet, ‘Wacker’, simply means ‘brave’ in Austrian. 

Wacker Innsbruck fans getting rowdy[/caption]
Wacker Innsbruck play their matches at the multi-purpose stadium Tivoli Neu[/caption]

Nyasa Big Bullets FC

The Malawian football club landed on the name Big Bullets after trailing others along the same lines, including  Bata Bullets, Bakili Bullets and Total Big Bullets. 

The team have recently been living up to their ambitious name, becoming the Malawi TNM Super League Champion in 2023. 

Semen Padang

This Indonesian club is named after its owner, a cement producing company, which makes sense given the direct translation of Semen Padang, is ‘Cement Field.’

The club has not come on well and has been unable to get back into the top flight after being relegated in 2019.



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