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LaSalle football team teaches sport to Unity House kids

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LaSalle football team teaches sport to Unity House kids

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) -With Super Bowl LVIII just around the corner, children at A Child's Place at Unity House in Albany got into the football spirit with a visit from the LaSalle High School football team.

This is the second year high schoolers from LaSalle have taught preschoolers how to run, catch, and tackle their way into the basics of football. The Albany Childcare Manager, Jane Goff, says their goal is to make sure everyone is having fun and being healthy.

"It's to get them active. It gives them an opportunity to exercise. Football is a great community builder. Everybody likes football," stated Goff.

After playing with everyone, Junior Football Player, Daniel Brown, read a football story to one of the classes. He says being mentored through sports built an appreciation for them along with a sense of togetherness that he hopes to pass along.

"As a little kid, you see older people and look up to them. You kind of want to replicate what they do. Just throwing the ball with them is cute, it's heartwarming," described Brown.

Kids at the care center spoke to NEWS10's Anthony Krolikowski about their experience. They said playing football is very fun.

Staff at A Child's Place say not every preschooler has an older sibling to look up to. Brown adds that sports can also serve as family.

"Definitely the bond that you have with the team. It's always some, you're just with the guys. It's just a great feeling, that team connection," explained Brown.



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