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What I can't quite understand is that we have been through enough of this to at least understand you have to dust yourself down and go again a bit. We are fairly consistently on the positive side of a relegation struggle. By that I mean not just that we stay up but we actually have spent very little time in the bottom three over the pats twelve years.

We have lost a LOT of games over the years and have not gone down.

I think there is definitely a need for concern and I mean that 100%. That said we also need to understand that every loss isn't the end of the world, the last decade has shown that.

We absolutely need points and I believe we will get them, at times against teams people will write us off against. The extremes are mental though, people take things so far. Somehow Dembele had a terrible game. Watch the first half as a neutral, he would stand out as one of the best three or four ob the pitch.

The other key to this is not getting carried away too much when we win one either. Enjoy it but it's the Championship it doesn't mean we are good.

We need to get to the end of the season, and aa a club and fan base that's when we need to raise our expectation levels.


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