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Ohio State football prices announced for 2024

Ohio State football prices announced for 2024

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) -- Ohio State University's Board of Trustees is expected to approve next year's football prices at its full board meeting Thursday afternoon.

The board's Finance and Investment committee voted Thursday morning to approve the updated ticket prices, teeing it up for a likely unanimous vote at 3 p.m. While prices vary, fans will have to fork over at least $50 more to see the Buckeyes play Michigan than in 2022.

Ohio State began charging a $2 fee per ticket per game for stadium preservation costs, beginning this season. That preservation fee will remain. For clarity, NBC4's values do not include this fee.

OpponentZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5Zone 6
Southern Mississippi$123$107$92$79$68$52
Western Michigan$109$95$82$70$60$46
SEASON TICKETS$1,365$1,189$1,024$880$752$596
2024 anticipated Ohio State home football game prices

Ohio State began splitting Ohio Stadium into zones for the 2022 season. Instead of having two pricing options for reserved seating and box/club seats, ticket buyers can choose among six zones around the stadium.

The priciest option, zone 1 encompasses just two sections above the 50-yard line. The other zones fan around the ‘Shoe’s levels and out from the center of the field, with the most-affordable zone 6 lining the edges of top rows.

Chart of ticket zones for Ohio Stadium. (Courtesy Photo/Ohio State University)

With two more home games, season ticket prices are significantly pricier compared to the 2023 season. Prices for zones 1-5 are between $2 and $78 more expensive compared to the same number of home games in 2022. Zone 6 ticket prices are down compared to more than $100 compared to 2022.

Zone2024 (8 games)2023 (6 games)2022 (8 games)
Ohio State season ticket passes, 2022-2024

At $46, the cheapest ticket in the 2024 season -- a zone 6 seat to see Ohio State play Western Michigan -- is $7 more than the cheapest option in 2023. But the priciest option, this year to see Michigan in zone 1, is more than $200 more expensive.

Zone 1 seats to see the rivalry game will cost $458, up from $319 for the same seats in 2022.

Student tickets, typically bought in full-season or Big Ten-only packages, have cost $34 per game since 2013. In 2024, non-conference tickets will cost $36 and conference tickets will cost $40 per game, a price expected to remain constant through 2026.



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