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Raiders Star Comes To Josh McDaniels’ Defense Amid Public Backlash

Those outside the Las Vegas Raiders organization might think Josh McDaniels should be fired, but others within the walls remain optimistic about the longtime New England Patriots offensive coordinator.

After Raiders owner Mark Davis came out and expressed his desire to let it ride with McDaniels, superstar Davante Adams on Wednesday spoke in defense of his head coach, too. Their sentiments reflect confidence in McDaniels despite Las Vegas dropping to 2-7 on the season after an embarrassing Week 10 loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

“I’ve always had, I don’t know if the feeling is the right word, but at least hoped that that’d be the case and they’d be patient with the whole process,” Adams told reporters when asked about Davis sticking by McDaniels, per the team. “I mean, you look at the history of this place and I don’t think a playoff game has been won in over 20 years here. So there’s no magic coach that’s going to come in and change that.

“And I think that Josh is doing a great job. And he does deserve that (support) in my mind,” Adams continued. “I think that we can all be better in certain instances but, you know, some of the greatest coaches this league has seen had some tough times. And I’m sure they didn’t all come out the block sprinting like Usain Bolt starting their career off, or starting with a new organization.”

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr expressed how Davis’ public backing of McDaniels has helped the team take a breath and re-focus on getting better on the field, rather than any off-field speculation. Adams agreed with his quarterback.

“I think it’s a good move by him (Davis) doing that,” Adams said. “It’s good for Josh and it’s good for the rest of the guys, too.”

Adams specifically referenced how McDaniels has helped the team in one crucial area. The All-Pro wideout noted how the Raiders have turned the ball over fewer times (seven) than any team in the league this season. Adams shared how that was one specific message from McDaniels since he arrived in Las Vegas, and the statistic shows how it’s been received by the team, especially considering Las Vegas ranked 20th in turnovers just one season ago.

The Raiders have a very realistic opportunity to earn a victory in Week 11 as Las Vegas will face the 3-6 Denver Broncos. And while members of the Raiders organization have spoke in defense of McDaniels recently, the best way to have their coach’s back is to get back in the win column.

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