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A Bit, surely you have noticed the importance that Telemarketing List interaction on social networks has for me . I think it should be a priority for the Community Manager because it is the way to take advantage of social channels in order to generate engagement . If the CM uses the networks as a unidirectional channel (using the timeline as an advertising brochure) he is showing that he has not well understood the potential of social networks as a tool to connect with users in a Telemarketing List close way. 13. Seek feedback It is closely linked to the previous idea. User opinions and comments are the real drivers of online communities. Seeking feedback should be a primary task for the Community Manager because it can (and should) be used to anticipate user needs. 14. 

Find influencers I think that quite a bit of Telemarketing List controversy has been created on this subject because there are several ways of understanding what an influencer is. For me, it is that person with direct and real influence in a certain field (not in general). I don't think indexes like Creed or Kloud are useful for finding influential users. The only way to find valuable users for Telemarketing list the influence that their opinions may have on the rest of the users in a community is to be inside the community, ask the rest of the users and (once again) analyze. Regarding the way to approach Telemarketing List these "influencers", I think that common sense is the best ally. This topic is very well explained in the article by Jeanmar Márquez:  “How to get close to an influencer without getting gored” 15. 

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Organization of extraordinary tasks (contest on social networks or special promotions) Contests on social networks are an extraordinary tool to increase the Telemarketing List community and involve users with the company profile. It is true that, once again, common sense is necessary because an excessive use of these extraordinary contests and promotions causes them to lose their strength. The role of the Community Manager, in this case, is to create an appropriate strategy together with the rest of the members of the company. Once the objectives, means and strategy Telemarketing List have been set, it will be the CM who “sets up” the promotion or contest and enhances its visibility on social networks.


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