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English football, alongside other sports, organisations and individuals, will switch off social media accounts from 3pm today until 11.59pm on Monday 3 May.

Social media companies must do more to #StopOnlineAbuse. Join us and switch off too, as we collectively demand change.

Club chief executive Bill Williams said: “This weekend’s boycott of social media has certainly galvanised and united our game and those associated with it.

“There is no denying that platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have had a positive impact on football. They give clubs like ours the chance to inform and entertain not only our core support but those who want some kind of connection with us, whether they’re residents of the town who want to know the score or those diehard football fans who want to know what’s going on all over the place.

“These positives do in no way excuse the actions of those who seek to use social media to spread abuse and hate or the platforms that fail to act when it happens.

“Will this be a watershed moment? You’d hope so but I think it will take time and a concerted effort from everyone in the weeks and months ahead.

“While we’ve been encouraged to stop posting this weekend, the greater impact will come from those who post such vile comments to stop and think before pressing the button.”



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