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Garry Pendrey: Sunday Mirror. (45 replies)

Full page article in the Sunday Mirror today about Garry’s fears for the club and his memories of the 70s team , and -dare I say it- Maine Rd and Fulham.

He lives on my road, so I get to chat with him whenever I’m passing and he’s out the front; really lovely bloke and still loves the Blues.

Anyway, the link is below - it’s a bit like the Birmingham Mail in that you have to answer some stupid question before being able to read it, but it’s a good read all the same.

Edit: here’s a snippet:
“I don't feel the club belongs to the people of the city of Birmingham anymore,” he said, “I feel we're part of something that really doesn't matter to someone, somewhere. Is that too simplistic?

“I'm not a very clever person who understands balance sheets but I understand debt and when I look at the amount of we have, I think it's frightening.

“And if we are talking about people thousands of miles away who don't care about us, then maybe the club will disappear.


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