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Shocking video appears to show teen driver intentionally hit and kill a retired police chief cycling in Las Vegas

Andreas Probst cycling before he was killed in a deliberate hit-and-run.
A screenshot from the video.
  • A shocking video appears to show the moment a teen intentionally hit and killed a cyclist in Las Vegas. 
  • The victim was a retired police chief named Andreas Probst.
  • The teen driver's friends encouraged him, shouting "yeah, hit his ass," as the car approached Probst.

Video footage appears to show how a cyclist was deliberately killed in a hit-and-run in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Andreas Probst, 64, was mowed down by a 17-year-old who appeared to laugh as he struck the retired police chief. 

Probst was riding his bike at around 6 a.m. on August 14 when the incident took place.

The video, shared by Mail Online, shows the driver speeding towards Probst as someone asks: "Ready?" while one passenger films.

One of the teenager's friends can be heard saying "yeah, hit his ass," the Mail Online reported. 

The disturbing video shows the car smashing into the back of Probst, who is sent flying through the air. The passenger filming the incident turns the camera to show Probst in a heap on the side of the road as the vehicle speeds away.

The teenager was arrested soon after the crash and taken to the Juvenile Detention Center, the Review-Journal reported. The charges were later upgraded to include open murder after police discovered the video.

Andreas Probst's daughter, Taylor Probst, told the Review-Journal that she and her mother drove to the scene of the crash after she got an alert from her father's Apple Watch suggesting that he'd fallen.

"I come from law enforcement as well in my younger days," Probst's wife, Crystal, said in an interview after the incident, per the Review-Journal. "I was able to ascertain, there's his bike, his helmet is way over there, his phone is way over there. I'm like, this is not good."

"He was honestly like a ray of sunshine," Taylor said, KLAS 8 News Now reported. "That just bled through your life."

Bicycle deaths have been on the rise in the US over the last decade. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 938 cyclist fatalities in 2020, up 9% from 2019.

Alcohol was involved in 34% of all fatal cyclist crashes, per the report.

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