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Samuel Cabrera dead aged 61: Ex-Tour de France cyclist dies after being stuck by lightning in freak accident


A RETIRED cyclist who took part in the Tour de France six times has been struck dead in a freak accident.

Samuel Cabrera, 61, was struck by lightning while working on his farm in Colombia on Monday.

Samuel Cabrera was struck dead by lightning in a freak accident[/caption]
Samuel Cabrera died while on his farm in Colombia on Monday[/caption]

Cabrera’s brother Jose reportedly said: “We have little information, but what we do know is that he was on his farm, working and that it was raining, when lightning struck and killed him.

“We are waiting for more information to coordinate everything, but we understand that he was picking coffee, it was raining, and lightning killed him.”

Cabrera, 61, made a name for himself in the 1980s, reaching the podium or outright winning various races in South America and Europe.

He came first overall in the Tour of Guatemala in 1980, before winning in Costa Rica and Guatemala in 1982.

He also finished third in the French Tour de l’Avenir in 1985 before retiring in 1989.

Cabrera also took part in the Tour de France six times between 1983 and 1989. He was signed by the Spanish team Reynolds in 1986.

Retired Colombian professional cyclist Oliverio Cardenas said: “He won the Tour of Guatemala in 1980 and I was on that team with him. He was a cheerful man.”



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