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Watch as cyclist with no helmet is stopped by police for cycling along a MOTORWAY – everybody is saying the same thing


A CYCLIST has taken his life in his hands by cycling on a major motorway – and without a helmet.

The video, uploaded to TikTok by user @bobby_bains, shows why it’s so dangerous to ride on major roads like this.

TikTok - bobby_bains
This cyclist with no helmet was seen riding along a major motorway[/caption]

The video is shot using a dash cam in a van and starts on the busy three-lane M6 motorway.

Up ahead you can make out a blue BMW 3 Series, which given its flashing lights is obviously an undercover police car.

To the left of it is a man on a bike making his way along the inside lane of the motorway.

The police car pulls alongside the cyclist who at first doesn’t seem to want to stop.

But after the police car wedges the cyclist in a little he gets the message and pulls over.

At this point, the van with the camera pulls past and we don’t see the outcome.

The van driver can be heard saying “on the b****y M6.”

Rule 253 of The Highway Code states: ‘pedestrians and certain vehicles are prohibited on motorways.

‘The list of vehicle types which MUST NOT use a motorway include:

  • Holders of a provisional licence for a motorcycle or a car and riders of motorcycles under 50cc (mopeds).
  • Agricultural vehicles, powered wheelchairs, and powered mobility scooters.
  • Cyclists, horse riders, some slow-moving vehicles, and those carrying oversized loads (except by special permission).’



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People had no time for the cyclist’s action in the comments section.

andlie5 said: “Oh my God whts the cyclist doing here.”

leslieguan1314 said: “The MAN above the LAW ! ????????????????

While irefreshu pointed out: “He’s probably the reason the speed is set to 40mph”

TikTok - bobby_bains
The cyclist can be seen making his way along the inside lane of the M6[/caption]
TikTok - bobby_bains
The police pull him over after a bit of persuasion[/caption]

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