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Royals Rumblings - News for July 9, 2024

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Oakland Athletics Spring Training
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Hit some dongs, Bobby!

Bobby Witt Jr. discussed his participation in the Home Run Derby.

Before Witt could say yes, though, he had to get some advice from Perez.

“How did your body feel, what did you think?” Witt said. “He’s like, ‘You have to do it, you have to do it. Talking to Sal, the training staff, coaching staff, teammates too, they’re all for me doing it. I wanted their OK. And it’s an honor to be asked to do that and represent the Royals.”

David Lesky doesn’t think the Royals are sunk yet.

On the bright side, they are by no means finished. They’re just a game and a half behind the Red Sox for the third Wild Card spot and they have six games left to play against them. They also have six games left against the Twins, who are ahead of the Red Sox. And they have four games left against the Astros, who are directly behind them in the standings. Plus, they have seven more against Cleveland even. I can’t tell you if the Royals are going to make the playoffs. If you asked me right now, I’d say they won’t. But they certainly will have an opportunity to make their own waves along the way.

Craig Brown writes about Maikel Garcia’s home run over the weekend.

Maikel Garcia served notice this would be the Royals’ day in the second inning with a three-run home run. After hitting three home runs in the first six games of the season, Garcia seemed primed to be swept up in the launch angle revolution, getting the ball in the air, pulling it and generally connecting with authority. Since that first week though, the power has gone missing.

Garcia is pulling the ball 31 percent of the time. He is hitting a fly ball 21 percent of the time. Those rates aren’t exclusive, but good things tend to happen when he pulls the ball in the air. It’s that he just doesn’t do it enough.

At ESPN Insider, Jeff Passan looks at the front offices under pressure at the trade deadline.

The Royals aren’t going to be in the Crochet or Robert sweepstakes. They don’t need to be. There are enough relievers available for Kansas City to elevate its leverage options. And seeing as they’ve booked nearly 1,000 plate appearances of negative production from outfielders, just about anything is an upgrade from what they have.

Jayson Stark looks at active players and their chances of getting into the Hall of Fame.

PEREZ : If he ever got elected, his 34.8 career WAR at this stage would be by far the fewest of any expansion-era Hall of Fame catcher. But hold on. He’s about to make his ninth All-Star team, to go with five Gold Gloves and a home run title. Here’s the complete list of catchers we can say that about: Salvy and … Johnny Bench. Sounds like a viable candidate to me!

Kevin O’Brien at Farm to Fountains writes about John Schreiber’s struggles.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson discusses plans to keep the Royals in Missouri.

Braves outfielder Marcell Ozuna will participate in the Home Run Derby.

The Braves are looking for outfield help in the trade market.

What would a Rangers teardown look like?

The Angels seem likely to trade only rentals at the deadline.

After a bizarre free agency experience, Carlos Correa is at peace with the Twins.

Brent Rooker is taking an all-or-nothing approach and its working.

Former big leaguer Raul Mondesi is sentenced to six years in jail.

Attendance at baseball games in Korea is skyrocketing.

A 44-year-old Iowa state lawmaker pitched for the Sioux City Explorers - and won.

Tiger Woods declines to captain the Ryder Cup team, so who will lead Team USA?

The winners and losers of the NBA off-season.

A political party in the UK is being accused of running candidates who aren’t real people.

What a theme park in North Korea looks like.

The best horror movie kills of all time.

Your song of the day is The English Beat with Save it for Later.


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