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Frequently Asked Questions About Ping Pong

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Reading an official table tennis rule book is boring. A lot of the time it's difficult to find the answer to even the most common of questions. To help you quickly get back to your game we have compiled a list of common table tennis questions and answered them for you in plain English.Click on a question to reveal the answer.How long is a game?A game in table tennis is played until one player scores 11 points.If the game is close and the score is 10-10 (or deuce, as we call it), the winner must win by two points.For example, a game may last until 12-10, 15-13 or even 23-21.Games used to be played until the first player scored 21 points, but that rule was changed to 11 points by the ITTF in 2001.(click for official rule) long is a match?A match can be a best of any odd number of games: 3, 5 or 7, but most people play 5 games.(click for official rule) many serves do...


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