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DC Vs. DBZ: Is Goku Faster Than Flash (Not Counting Instant Transmission)?

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Power levels are often hard to compare to one another. How does blowing up a planet, for example, equate to punching a hole in space-time? Speed, however, is often far easier to compare. But things get trickier when you reach more absurd levels of speed. Take DC's The Flash, the fastest man alive, and Dragon Ball's Goku, the world's greatest warrior. Both are fast, but which one is faster? By calculating the speed of their fastest moments (and ignoring Instant Transmission, since that's a technique and not a demonstration of speed), it's possible to determine that answer. RELATED: Dragon Ball: How Old Is Goku In Every Arc? Goku's Top Speeds One of the clearest measurements of Goku's incredible speed comes early on in Dragon Ball Z when Goku travels across Snake Way. Snake Way is roughly 650,000 miles in length. It takes Goku six months to travel down it one way but takes roughly two days traveling back -- according to King Kai's estimate. This seems to indicate thas Goku traveled 13,01...


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