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Gideon by Nicole Riddley - GALATEA

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GIDEON ARCHER“Lord Archer!” I turn at the sound of my name.Alistair Pembroke faces me, looking flushed and probably a little drunk.“Fancy meeting you here,” he says like he’s trying to be cute. Or maybe just a prick.Alistair is a social climber and a billionaire. He wants desperately to be my friend to get closer to the royal family. He’d shit his pants if he knew the crown prince was here in California.He takes my hand and pounds me on the back while we shake, like we’re old pals. I can’t stand guys like him.“Ms. Helen Aristophanes,” he says to my date, “the pleasure is mine.”The fucked-up part is I know he’s had sex with her. More than once. While she was mine.“Mr. Pembroke.” Helen gives him one of her sultry and seductive smiles, offering him her hand. He scans her body and lifts her hand to his lips.“So what brings the legendary Lord Archer here tonight?” he asks, holding her hand for way too long. “I never expected to see you among humans.” He finally lets her go.I dig my hands in...


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