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Titleist NXT Tour and NXT Tour S Golf Ball Review - Plugged In Golf

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50 Words or LessThe Titleist NXT Tour and Tour S are two mainstay golf balls at an affordable price with premium performance.IntroductionI LOVE playing golf with Titleist Pro V1x golf balls. I absolutely love it. Unfortunately, I am not an elite level player with an unlimited free supply of them. When I have to buy golf balls on a budget, it’s always been a no-brainer for me to pick up a box of NXT Tour balls, and there’s now a new option in the NXT Tour S. This review will tell you why you should strongly consider a dozen NXT Tour golf balls next time you head to the store to pick up a box.FeelThe two biggest contributors to the feel of the golf ball are the core and the cover. The hardest part to get right seems to be the cover. If companies make it too soft, the ball feels mushy and it gets torn up too fast from the grooves of the clubs. If the cover gets too hard, the ball starts to feel like a rock and you lose a lot of the sweet feel you’re looking for. Yes, the core of the ball...


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