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The Spirit of the ‘60s


No, it’s not the Kennedy Camelot. Not the legendary Summer of Love. It’s something else. Something that hasn’t been felt on the South Side and in Sox Nation for many moons. And it... feels GOOD.

What is it?

Optimism. Real optimism. Not built from false hopes and hopeful prayers, but optimism born of real talent with real confidence and real commitment for the Sox to reclaim their proper place among the MLB elite. Yankee level. Dodger level. That kind of lofty place.

Wait a minute. Aren’t you forgetting about 2005? You know, that year the Sox won the Whole Thing? Even if ESPN still doesn’t know that?

No, we’ll all never forget that one wonderful season. But it was a one-off. A terrific team for one year and then the decline immediately began to set in. A decline that deepened and made for many a dark and empty summer South of Madison Street.

But that’s all in the past. The Sox Spirit of the ‘60s is back. What’s that spirit? The Sox were good... real good... consistently good... year and after in the ‘60s. That’s what Sox Nation wants. That’s what the 2021 Chicago White Sox are built to deliver.

Baseball can be FUN.

We’ve known frustration. We’ve known losing. We’ve known being IGNORED. We know what it feels like to be dissed.

Now, we’ll know what being a winner feels and tastes like. Not just for 2021, but for years to come. Just like the Sox of the ‘60s (forget what began in the awful year of 1968. If Sox ownership back then was more stable and had a commitment to maintaining the high standards the team had, that long dark period never would have happened).

Maybe you there to watch the Sox Of The Sixties. You know how good that feels. But even if you weren’t around back then, you’ll get to know that feeling real soon.

Thank you, Chicago White Sox, for making the moves needed to bring back the Sox Spirit of the Sixties. And now, it will be even better. Good as they were, the ‘60s teams never had a parade down La Salle Street.

It’s only February. Opening Day’s a ways off. But don’t wait too long to find your place along La Salle. It’s going to get real crowded out there real soon. You remember that ‘60s song... "Downtown! Things will be great when you’re... Downtown!" It sure will be.

Groovy, man.



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