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MLB Could Vote on Cohen’s Ownership Before Owners Meetings


Photo: NY Times

Tim Healey of Newsday is reporting that Major League Baseball could vote on Steve Cohen’s ownership of the Mets before the mid-November owners meetings. Healey even used the word, “well-before”, certainly good news giving Cohen more time put his stamp on the organization before free agency.

The report also says that Cohen is expected to get the 23 yes votes needed from other major league owners to become the Mets control person.

The billionaire signed an agreement to purchase the Mets from Sterling Equities on Monday. The agreement was for a $2.475 valuation, a North America sports team record.

Cohen officially getting control sooner could be a huge boost for the Mets offseason as he builds his own front office and structure in the organization. We recently did a roundtable talking about what we believe his first move should be.



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