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Rhys Hoskins called Jeff McNeil a crybaby after Mets took exception to dangerous slide

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New Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Rhys Hoskins missed all of the 2023 season because he tore his ACL late in spring training last year. In Friday’s 2024 season opener against the New York Mets, Hoskins didn’t seem to understand why one of his opponents would be furiously trying to avoid the same fate.

While trying to break up a double play in the eighth inning, Hoskins sprinted from first to second and hit Mets infielder Jeff McNeil with a hard slide straight into McNeil’s legs while reaching for the bag. Whether or not the play was deliberately dirty is pretty irrelevant given we know this action is particularly dangerous.

You just don’t go spikes first into your opponent. McNeil immediately started shouting at Hoskins, who then shouted back and before we knew it the benches were clearing on Opening Day.

It should be noted that as a former Philadelphia Phillie, Hoskins has quite a history with the Mets. Still, these are the types of plays baseball has been pretty clear about trying to get out of the game. Hoskins thought McNeil was overreacting and hit him with the classic crybaby taunt.

Jerseys can change, but rivalries are forever. Regardless, baseball fans were not feeling the attempt to take out McNeil.



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