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Here's the Patrick Mahomes NFL combine 40-yard dash video that he doesn't want you to watch

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No one in their right mind thinks about Patrick Mahomes’ 2017 NFL combine performance anymore. Because since that fateful day, the Kansas City Chiefs superstar has won three Super Bowls and become the face of professional football.

Well, Mahomes hasn’t quite forgotten how he fared in Indianapolis, particularly on his 40-yard dash. As 2024 draft prospects begin their testing this weekend, Mahomes recalled how he ran when it was time to evaluate him. (Note: Mahomes’ best was 4.8 seconds.)

And let’s just say the signal-caller is so over NFL Network using his mostly underwhelming 40 as a comparative overlay to new prospects. He doesn’t need more humiliation! No one does!

With that said, we are under no obligation to respect Mahomes’ wishes. If everyone still occasionally roasts Tom Brady for running poorly during his time at the 2000 combine (look how he runs now!), then Mahomes is absolutely fair game.

Here’s a video of the 40-yard dash Mahomes doesn’t want anyone to see again:


Again, Mahomes shouldn’t feel bad about this. He’s the best player in football and one of the best in history. Period. It all worked out!



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