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Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird had the best soundbite as the two debated over a call


The Sue Bird-Diana Taurasi pairing is always golden. Such was the case when the two were teammates at UConn and for Team USA, when they teamed up on an ESPN Megacast for the 2022 Women’s Final Four and the 44 times they battled one another in the WNBA.

Saturday’s 45th game was no different. Both players competed hard throughout the game and found themselves tied up with one another late in the fourth quarter.

Taurasi had possession of the ball but Bird tied her up and the two struggled for possession until the refs blew the whistle.

Was it a foul? Was it a jump ball?

The two legends debated and the ABC broadcast picked up the dialogue.

Phoenix would gain possession of the tip but Bird perfectly defended Taurasi into a missed corner three.

Win, Sue Bird.

But Taurasi and the Mercury got the last laugh as Diana hit a big three moments later and then closed the game with two free throws to put it out of reach for a 69-64 victory.

Nonetheless, we got another classic Bird-Taurasi moment that’ll live forever.



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