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Video: Was recent criticism of Kayla Harrison's PFL performance warranted?


Two-time PFL champion Kayla Harrison started off the 2022 season in the win column, but it wasn’t the one-sided affair many expected.

While Harrison clearly won the fight, her dominance in the past has created higher expectations from the gold medal-winning Olympic judoka. Her opponent, Marina Mokhnatkina brought her sambo base into the cage in Arlington, Texas to challenge Harrison, and gave the champion a better fight than most of her opponents in the past could claim.

Criticisms of Harrison’s performance began making the rounds, but was it warranted? At the end of the day, Harrison recorded three points in the PFL women’s lightweight standings, but have we grown to expect more than a unanimous decision victory? Have Harrison’s self-imposed expectations begun to reflect in the reaction to her fights?

Our Spinning Back Clique panel of Brian “Goze” Garcia, Mike Bohn and Nolan King discuss this topic along with host “Gorgeous” George Garcia. Check out their conversation in the video above, and don’t miss the full episode below.




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