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Conor McGregor releases PROOF he had serious ankle injury during training camp BEFORE break against Poirier at UFC 264


CONOR MCGREGOR has released a series of photos revealing he was dealing with an ankle injury BEFORE his trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier.

McGregor broke his left tibia last weekend with just seconds remaining in the first round of his UFC 264 rubber match with The Diamond.

Conor McGregor ices his foot while sat in a Rolls Royce[/caption]
The Notorious has his injured leg tended too[/caption]
Conor McGregor said he had multiple stress fractures going into UFC 264[/caption]
Mystic Mac even shared a snap of a doctor looking at x-rays of his ankle[/caption]

The following day, the Irishman’s head coach – John Kavanagh – revealed the MMA superstar’s left ankle was compromised in training camp.

And McGregor has verified his coach’s claim by sharing snaps of himself managing the injury on Twitter.

One picture showed the Dubliner icing his left foot while sitting in a white Rolls Royce.

Another showed a doctor looking at x-rays of the UFC’s poster boy’s ankle.

McGregor’s ankle was heavily taped up in numerous pictures, which looked to have been taken during training.

His accompanying caption for one of the posts read: “All you pull out merchants wouldn’t last 13 seconds in my world.

“My 4 part Netflix docuseries coming soon has the entire bts [behind the scenes]. I’m gonna title it ‘Mad Mac’s: Fury Road.'”

The second caption read: “Wouldn’t change my journey for no ones! The greatest of all time!”

I was injured going into the fight.

Conor McGregor

McGregor, 32, was released from hospital on Wednesday after successfully having surgery last Sunday.

The Notorious provided his legion of fans an update on his condition on Thursday and revealed he went into his series decider with Poirier with ‘multiple stress fractures’.

He said: “The leg is better than ever. I was injured going into the fight. People are asking me, ‘When was the leg broke?

“At what point did the leg break?’ Ask Dana White, ask the UFC, ask Dr. Davidson, the head doctor of the UFC. They knew, I had stress fractures in my leg going into that cage.

“There was debate about pulling the thing out because I was sparring without shin pads and I would kick the knee a few times.

“So I had multiple stress fractures in the shin bone above the ankle and then I have trouble with the ankle anyway throughout the years of f*cking fighting all the time.

“And I also was rapping me ankle every training session.”

McGregor, the UFC’s first simultaneous two-weight champion, is expected to be on the sidelines for the next 12 months.

He added: “I needed to get treatment on my leg.

“I needed to get treatment on the ankle and I needed to get treatment on my shin bone and I would have never committed to going under the knife unless something like this has happened.


Conor McGregor’s ankle was heavily taped up during his latest training camp[/caption]
The Irishman admits he almost pulled out of his rubber match with Poirier[/caption]
McGregor claims the UFC knew about the stress fractures in his leg[/caption]

“So something like this has happened, I’m going in and getting exactly what I needed and what I needed was a titanium shin bone.

“So now I’ve got a titanium rod down the knee, from the knee to me ankle and the doctor said it’s unbreakable.

“Then I’ll start playing with the balance, learning how to stand on it again. Learning how to balance on the single leg again.

“Then I’ll build the strength. Then I’ve got an unbreakable titanium leg. I was talking to my physical therapist who was with Arnold Schwarzenegger and I was like, ‘I’m like Arnie in Terminator 2′.”



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