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BP1 wrote:

I'm a touch more optimistic than I was in the days leading up to Good Friday, when all I could see was a sixty point hammering coming up! If we can repeat the attitude and commitment of recent weeks then we should, hopefully, at least make it a competitive game on Saturday which will be an improvement on the first two derbies this year.

Clearly, even by the standards of this year, it's looking like we will be putting out a patched up side and, logically, it would seem that rovers will ultimately have too much power, pace and experience for us to handle.
Not really sure what to make of rovers in recent weeks, they seem to be doing enough to win without particularly dominating sides and I do think they may feel under some pressure to win after losing last weekend. It's very tight in that 2nd-7th group and they will not want to be losing two games in a row and risk losing ground. If we can unsettle them early on then we could turn the situation to our advantage.

It's been some time since there was a real derby upset played out (either way) and undoubtedly a win for us on Saturday would unquestionably fall into that category, think we will all walk out stunned if it comes to pass!! I know logically everything points to another loss for us, but I have a creeping nagging feeling that we might just pull this one out of the bag.
On the other hand, this might just be me trying to be super-optimistic in the face of overwhelming contrary evidence!!! :) :)
As usual, I'll be as tense as hell come derby kick-off time. They really are gut-wrenching, stomach-turning occasions, and a part of me wishes they had never existed in my life :(

Come on everyone, let's get behind them, what have we to lose here! Keep the faith(full) as always!!

I admire your optimism but I fear I will be counting down the clock hoping that it'll be damage limitation yet again.

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