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Leeds Rhinos • Re: Am I missing something?

FlexWheeler wrote:

When you’re at school, and in exams teachers always want and require to see the working out of math equations, so they can verify that logic is correct and that the method is a repeatable process that can be used to reliably solve other equations.

Leeds can solve the odd difficult equation, sometimes. But there’s no working out, no method, it’s not a reliable repeatable process.

The likes of Saints and Wigan have reliable, effective, repeatable methods that solve equations.

Leeds don’t.

I’ve just finished a book about players from the great 80’s team at Liverpool. There are themes running right through the book pretty similar to what you quote above. There was an embedded process that transcended managers and coaching staff. A style of play was adhered to by everybody, and without fail every player knew their role and specific job. It gave players confidence, and was ultimately a huge help to some of the less naturally gifted one’s. The majority of contributors are intentionally less well known, the likes of David Johnson, Michael Robinson and Nigel Spackman. They all without fail say how hard they trained for success, harder than anywhere else they played. Compare and contrast to what appears to have happened at Headingley in recent times, and it may give you an indication where the bigger problems lay. Some other factors the contributors quote are a great team spirit but also a will to win unlike any other club, maybe another couple of things we’ve lacked in recent times. You could actually say our club and players embody the polar opposite to all the key traits above. I can’t stand scousers, so didn’t read this book through rose tinted spectacles. I just found the book an interesting insight into prolonged success at the top level.

Statistics: Posted by leeds owl — Sat May 11, 2024 8:11 am



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