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Warrington Wolves • Re: Wigan/Saints

ratticusfinch wrote:

Whilst having a look at their fans build up to today’s match I read some interesting inbred observations.

1. Wire fans are already celebrating the title like we did last season….dont think so!
2. Dufty is the worst full-back in the league
3. Wardle is in the top 5 centres in the world….ive only watched one and a half games of NRL this morning and I’ve seen 7 better.
4. We’ve played no-one so far and had a full team out against London away….was it 7/8 first teamers missing?
5. A combined Saints/Wigan team would DOMINATE the NRL, not just win it but dominate it.

We think Duckie is deluded.

I missed the last bit.

Statistics: Posted by rubber duckie — Sat Mar 30, 2024 12:42 pm



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