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Wakefield Trinity • How great

How great was it last night, a top notch physical game with a great following.

After seasons of languishing around the bottom of SL I am in many ways glad we are now in a position to reinvent the club. It may not have been the ideal situation for ME to take over with relegation but with some astute appointments on and off the pitch the club looks like its going to go from strength to strength.

Support last night was top notch and will only increase by the looks of things.

The players were involved in a toe to toe slog with Fev and I have to say I have loved both games this year at Fev winning and losing.

The Championship I believe will be great for us the physicality on display and the fact that every team will be after us is only going to develop the siege and winning mentality.

If we do end up in the 12 I believe we will have a great baseline for the club that will will put us in a different if and when we get back into SL compared to when we were in up to last year.

Last night we ground it out however it could have been much more comfortable with more composure in the conditions, that said when some of these plays and passes are completed and the pitches are drier I think we are in for a treat this year.

Really looking forward to getting to some of the grounds outside of SL again.

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