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‘The old switcheroo’ Identical twins try to trick referee by cheekily swapping places in rugby clash live on national TV

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IDENTICAL twins Jacob and Daniel Saifiti attempted to trick a referee by swapping places midway through a televised rugby match.

The brothers featured for Australian rugby league side Newcastle Knights in a pre-season practice match against Melbourne Storm on Saturday.

Fox Sports
Daniel Saifiti attempted to switch places with twin brother Jacob[/caption]
Fox Sports
The referee spotted the switch straight away[/caption]
The twins play for Newcastle Knights[/caption]

Jacob was penalised for a late hit on Melbourne prop Tui Kamikamica in the 66th minute.

It resulted in a scuffle between the two sides, which distracted referee Belinda Sharpe.

While Sharpe was attempting to restore order, Jacob quietly headed for the dugout while Daniel replaced him.

However, the referee was quick to spot the “switcheroo” and saw the funny side of it.

She simply asked Daniel: “Where’s Jacob? Bring him back on,” before the prop headed for the sin bin.

Fox commentator Andrew Voss found the incident hilarious.

He said: “Oh, hang on, the old switcheroo. The brothers, oh, that’s so clever, Newcastle. I’m standing (and) applauding.

“You got him off the field, amazing. That’s a beautiful piece of play. That is rugby league.


“You can go back now and sit down, Belinda Sharpe has the last laugh, but they’ve done the switcheroo with the identical twins.

“A brilliant piece of rugby league right there. What a moment that is.”



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