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Leeds Rhinos • An interesting way to spend some of your spare time.

This message is aimed at both older fans and also younger fans who have older relatives who might just be looking for something interesting to do in their spare time. It is for them to think about spending time writing a novel that is based loosely on your own life and times.
This is something that I started to do in 1988 and since then I have had six novels all set against a rugby league background published.
I have also written three pages of general advice on how I have achieved this and am quite happy to send them to anybody who requests them. My web site is and my E Mail address is at
Some people though may prefer to read one of my novels first to see what can be achieved. They are available from London League Publications who can be contacted at Click on Fiction and find out how to buy copies of One Winter, One Autumn, Two Seasons and Three Good Years.

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