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Wigan Warriors • French, Ellis and Hill banned…

Trainman wrote:

I think we need to schedule a reserve fixture for the day before the GF just in case :)


We need to stop banning everyone for trivial offences. I see very few tackles these days which have deliberate intent. Making contact with the head after first hitting the ball should just be a penalty, a crusher tackle where the attacker is backing into the defender should be another that is dealt with leniently as should tackles that are slightly late. These guys are playing at 100 miles an hour and consequently some tackles are going to be mistimed.

One thing that should be considered is having a two week gap between the semis and the final so that lads who failed HIAs can play.

Statistics: Posted by Zig — Tue Sep 26, 2023 4:44 pm — Replies 60 — Views 4744



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