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Warrington Wolves • Packs win games

Magic Superbeetle wrote:

Of course you should have beaten us, Walmsley Paasi, Wingfield, Norman, Delaney, Hopoate and Hurrell missing would be enough to incapacitate most teams. Couple it with Sironen, Makinson and Knowles playing injured any team wanting to be taken seriously in the competition should have seen the obvious Saints tactic of getting ahead and then clinging on. We had Royle at prop for christs sake.

But Saints did what they have done for decades, found a way to win, and Warrington did what they did for decades, found a way to lose. Until you address such a fundamental culture issue, you can have as much improvement in you as you like, it wouldn’t change the result.

Also I don’t understand the ref calling; what precisely did he get wrong? From about 20 minutes onwards you got about 10 penalties/ back to 6s to our 1. The breaking at the scrum penalty really annoyed me as Warrington had been doing it all game.

I forgot Saints are the only team to deal with injuries/bans/adversity in general. Spare me! You'd think you beat us with old creepy Eamon at full back and Johnny Vegas in the forwards.

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