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Pat Bateman wrote:

I remember years ago we were meant to of signed Michael De Vere from Brisbane only for him to sign for Huddersfield instead, going back on a verbal agreement. He was an SOO and Aussie test centre at the time. Tbf he didn’t pull up trees.

Yep there is a long list.

TBF 90% were not signed and sealed so nobody was doing anything wrong, but the moment we showed interest so did others. 10% were pure skullduggery.

A lot depends on the player, some make a decision and stick to it, but like in normal life most can be tempted, just how it is, essentially it's a free market.

Hence we have to be more careful than most, we can't afford a bidding war and for now we've not much else to tempt them with.

If you listen to the podcasts a lot of the Aussie ones have one thing in common, they didn't know much about SL and didn't look too hard.

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